Sophomore Year: Midlife Crisis

There has been a point in every college student’s life where they have been cramming for a midterm at one o’clock in the morning, drinking their eighth cup of coffee of the day and repeatedly FaceTiming their mom asking themselves, “What am I even doing in my life, and why on Earth am I in … Continue reading Sophomore Year: Midlife Crisis

The Freshman 15

As defined in the honorary Urban Dictionary, the Freshman 15 is “when a first year college student (usually a female) eats a ton, and proceeds to sit on her ass and gain fifteen pounds.” I actually laughed out loud at this, not only because of the straightforward, awful description this man-child gave to a term … Continue reading The Freshman 15

Average is Alright

All throughout elementary and middle school I was considered an “above-average” student. I tested into the high percentiles in english, social studies and science, making ISTEP a cakewalk that landed me into numerous honor-level classes; thus, allowing me to complete high school graduation requirements in just the seventh grade. Of course there were always those … Continue reading Average is Alright

Seeking the Heights

Two weeks ago, I stood in the Indiana University Tennis Center with a thousand of other talented, beautiful women counting down from ten to reveal where, and with who, we would be spending the next three and a half years. Sorority recruitment, to say the least, was nowhere near to what I expected it to … Continue reading Seeking the Heights